Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Buy a Nissan in Asheville North Carolina

At Anderson Nissan in Asheville North Carolina, you not only have a great selection of cars, trucks and SUVs; but the service also stands out above many in the industry. Are you looking at a Toyota, Ford or Chevy? Slow down for a minute. You would be wise to see what Nissan on Brevard Rd in Asheville has to offer.

Buying a new car is a commitment. You want to get the best vehicle for the price. This is not a small choice. This is something that you have to live with. Anderson Nissan is committed to making sure that the car, truck or SUV you choose fits you and your lifestyle. On top of that, we want to make sure that the monthly payment is comfortable for you and your family. This will be a Happy time for you!

Put the Nissan Armada up against the Toyota Land Cruiser. Put the new Nissan Altima (2013 model releasing tomorrow in NY) up against the Toyota Camry. Once you do and drive them; the choice is crystal clear for many. What an experience! You can stop by Anderson, ask for Rob Smith and test drive any of these great vehicles that we have on site.

Anderson Nissan is located at 629 Brevard Rd, Asheville NC 28806. Give Rob Smith a call at 828-712-7763 to plan ahead, or just stop by and see him anytime during normal business hours, usually 9am - 7pm on Weekdays and 9am - 6pm on Saturday. You can also find RobTheCarGuy on Twitter & Facebook.

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